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Visby - Walnut laminate in the living room

VISBY WALNUT - better than the orginal

With our newest Walnut laminate floor we give you an elegant, durable and sustainably produced floor. We carefully incorporated the walnut with all its aspects into our high-performance Visby range and elevated it to a whole other level. A floor that can handle water, dirt and many years of wear and tear. In short, it’s the walnut you love, but better.

Walnut laminate floor in a white kitchen

Deep admiration of nature

Every grain and shade of the walnut floor is created by closely studying the real walnut tree and taking every aspect of this beautiful floor into our designs. We have carefully selected premium planks as a base for our designs, and kept the soft and warm brown colour gradients in real walnut wood.
Walnut laminate floor is water resistant


Pergo walnut floors have AquaSafe, creating a 100% watertight surface all the way down into the bevels. This prevents water from penetrating the floor. In addition, the superior TitanX toplayer provides resistance to scratches, wear and tear, and makes your floor easy to clean.

Discover our Pergo Walnut floors in the Visby range