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close up of dirty shoes with spilled mud and water on a beige wooden floor

Worry-free wooden floors with StayClean technology

Our Scandinavian heritage has taught us a thing or two about rough weather. Due to wood being a natural material that can be sensitive to discolouring from dirt and water, we developed StayClean – a water repellent and easy to clean surface and edge protection.

However, we can now offer even more water resistant wooden floors and unique protection. StayClean+ builds on the StayClean technology with a new innovative click system hindering water from seeping through, making the surface 100% watertight. So, installing a wooden floor in your kitchen or hallway is now a relevant option, even in homes with lots of spills and muddy paws.

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kid sitting on kitchen counter and spilled a bowl of cornflakes on a beige wooden floor

StayClean+ floors - water resistant up to 72 hours

The new revolutionary technology of StayClean+ keeps the surface of your wooden floors watertight, even if water stays on the surface for up to 72 hours*. Making your parquet floors worry-free to enjoy. The unique innovation also prevents dirt from getting stuck in the joints and wood structure of your beautiful Pergo wood floor. This makes the floors super easy to clean and keeps these wooden floors looking fresh for years to come. StayClean+ comes with a 15-year wet warranty and is available in our ranges: Falster, Lofoten and Svalbard.

*Tested in accordance with ISO 4760 (no leakage) and is not following EN13553 standards designed for welded resilient floor coverings.

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close up of kitchen counter with a brown wooden floor

New - slim, stylish Falster with StayClean+

Falster narrow planks with bevels along the long sides, give your room that airy, light, contemporary look. And thanks to the StayClean+ protection the floor is perfect for kitchens or other areas where you might spill. Have a look at the range of contemporary decors, inspired by Scandinavian nature - from light, calming Arctic oak to warm and homely saddle brown oak.

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Discover our wooden floors with StayClean technology