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Wallbases for laminate flooring

Wallbases create the final touch, not only to the commercial laminate flooring you've just installed, but also to the entire room. We offer a wide range of wallbases to match all needs.

  • Perfect colour match to all floors designs
  • Adapted structure and gloss grade
  • Better scratch resistance thanks to laminate covering instead of foil

Pergo’s PEFC certified, perfectly matched wallbases are installed easily and flexibly using a snap-in system, nails, screws or glue. All wallbases, with exception of the beading, have milled grooves on the back for easily concealing cables.

PGISKRCOVER Laminate Accessories Wallbase, cover, paintable PGISKRCOVER
Wallbase, cover, paintable
For easy and fast renovation. Covers an existing wallbase. Adaptable size. Colour: paintable. Surface: foil. Core: MDF.
#TechnicalInfo#: 2400 x 16 x 129 mm
PGSCOTWHITE Laminate Accessories Beading, white PGSCOTWHITE
Beading, white
Surface: foil. Core: MDF. Colour: white.
#TechnicalInfo#: 2400 x 17 x 17 mm
PGSCOTPAINT Laminate Accessories Beading, paintable PGSCOTPAINT
Beading, paintable
Surface: foil. Core: MDF. Colour: paintable.
#TechnicalInfo#: 2400 x 17 x 17 mm