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Sustainability for the long run

Caring for the environment has always played a central role in everything we do. As a testament to our efforts, Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer ever to achieve the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan. Through our parent company UNILIN, Pergo flooring is also the first to receive the European Ecolabel for laminate flooring, along with other certificates and quality requirements.



We use renewable energy resources while striving for energy efficiency. This results in a significant reduction of energy consumption and use of greener energy. 97 % of our water supply comes from recycled water.


We use carefully screened raw materials

Every day, we seek new ways to recycle, reduce and renew throughout the entire laminate manufacturing process. 100 % of our wood input is recycled wood or by-products from other industries.


We comply with all regulations (and beyond)

Because of our sustainable approach, we comply with most well known environmental labels.

Environmental labels

We comply with all important eco labels. All our floors are tested in recognised laboratories and we largely meet the minimum requirements.

nordic ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel. Pergo was the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan.

PEFC logo


PEFC-certified (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Signifies that all wood used in these products originates from renewable forests.

EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high ecological standards throughout their life cycles: from raw materials extraction to production, distribution, and disposal.


Afsett (A+)

Afsett (A+). Afsett is a French certificate used for emission regulations. A+ is the toughest category meaning very low emissions.



M1 Finnish label for emission classification.



EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Its main purpose is to provide precise, reliable and comparable information on environmental performance of the product.