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Mirror temptation

The mirror has become an ever-changing "magician". Becomes an important decorative material for interior art design.

03 March 2021

The mirror has become an ever-changing "magician". Becomes an important decorative material for interior art design.

Whether it is catering, business, office or home space, mirrors have a wide range of uses. The many characteristics of the mirror have brought new inspiration to many interior designers and are becoming more and more popular.



Let’s see how the mirror shows "magic"


1. Light weight object


The mirror is imaged by optical effects, and the picture is crystal clear. The furniture, objects, plants, etc. we see in the mirror are in a state of dematerialization, that is, everything looks "lightweight".


Mirrors can be imaged from different directions, allowing us to explore objects that we can't observe at new angles, adding a rich visual level.


A mirror on the wall, combined with some clever borders, creates a wonderful spatial illusion in a small space, especially in some rooms without windows. The placement of the mirror can reduce dullness, depression and narrowness to a certain extent. In the pursuit of artistic effects, the mirror can make the mediocre interior rich and colorful.



2. Extend space


Use a mirror to reflect the external space, or the object on the opposite wall, into the room, or use the mirror to create overlapping objects, increase the depth of field, and form a picture, which can expand the space and provide a fresh visual impression.


If the multi-faceted mirrors are imaged with each other, the visual effect is even more wonderful. There is even a kind of "surreal" meaning, giving people an infinite sense of space. When the mirrors reflect each other in the mirror and reflect each other, the space seems to extend infinitely.



3. Decorative function


The mirror also has a strong decorative function. The common mirror decorative frame has a metal material suitable for modern style, a wood carving style suitable for Chinese style, or a painting effect directly on the mirror surface to make the mirror surface appear frosted glass, which is innumerable.


Different materials convey different temperatures, and different colors interpret different emotions. Beauty comes from a lot of inspiration and elusive imagination, and it can come from some whimsy.


The fascinating aspect of the mirror is that it brings a breathtakingly interesting detail to the quietly furnished space, creating a clear and light atmosphere.



How to use mirror elements reasonably


The application of mirrors is rich, but if used too much or improperly placed, it will cause an unpleasant optical illusion. Facing the image of countless reflections, it is difficult to relax your nerves.


In general, we will collectively refer to materials and techniques that have a mirror-like traditional feature that can exhibit more diverse lighting effects, including mirror elements, including intuitive large-area wall mirrors, polished floor tiles, mirrored lockers, etc.


Partial use is one of the common methods of mirror elements, such as hanging on a wall. In order to make the reflection of the mirror properly, we need to limit the area of the mirror element on the wall as much as possible.

If you choose to enhance the spatial effect of the longitudinal mirror elements by light, then the material of other objects needs to be carefully selected. After the rich light is formed, the interior adopts simpler color matching and matt floor treatment, which can avoid the discomfort caused by excessive reflective effect.


If you want to increase the thickness of the space, you should be more cautious in the use of mirror materials. For example, the lower half of the space uses the mirror elements of polished tiles, and the wall and ceiling materials use materials with weaker illuminance to make the vertical level of the space balance with each other.



A mirrored element that combines beauty and practicality. An unexpected space magic. Await you to reveal the mystery.