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Technical features commercial wood flooring

Wood is a living product and changes in temperature and humidity make it swell or shrink. All Pergo commercial wood floors are built up of 4 layers, where the core layer is laid crossways to the face layer and backing, providing additional strength and ensuring maximum stability.


  1. Protective finish. 7 layers of lacquer or 2 layers of oil.
  2. Face layer 3.2 mm thick and can be sanded 2-3 times.
  3. Advanced wooden core absorbs the stresses put on the floor and ensures stability.
  4. Balanced backing helps balance the boards.

Protective finishes

The two finishes offered by Pergo bring out different qualities in the wood and give it a distinct look.


7 protective layers of lacquer

Our floors are highly scratch and wear resistant compared to other lacquered wood floors. The lacquer also makes the floor dirt-repellent, easy to clean and resistant against water as well as household chemicals. The icons indicate the shine of the floor, either a satin or a mat floor. Satin finish gives a polished look to the floor. Mat finish creates the impression that the floor is made from untreated bare wood.

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2 layers UV-oil finish

Oil really puts emphasis on the authenticity of real wood and gives it an extra mat look. With oil, you get a surface that will age gracefully. Our oiled floors are protected by 2 layers of modified UV-oil. Thanks to our special oil care products, it is easy to maintain the fresh and vivid look of the oiled floor.

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