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Modern Italian style

The accumulation of a long-standing culture, the gathering of thousand-year history, the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, the world-famous Italian home & furniture, is the synonymous with beauty, luxury and elegance.

02 March 2021

The accumulation of a long-standing culture, the gathering of thousand-year history, the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, the world-famous Italian home & furniture,

is the synonymous with beauty, luxury and elegance.


The charm of Italian style is not only the authentic European classical elegance, but also the seriousness and romance of making every piece of furniture as a work of art.


When we talk about Italian style, we will unconsciously stick to the exquisite royal labels of Baroque, Rococo and Tuscany. However, the modern Italian style has gradually faded from the complicated details and gorgeous decoration.

Milanian faction which advocates the minimalist, Venetian faction which emphasize the wood use, have become the outstanding representatives of modern Italian style, playing as the role of new romantic aesthetic.



# minimalist · Milanian faction


The modern home style gradually tends to be minimalist and exquisite, revealing a delicate design in the simplicity.


For the minimalist style of review, Europeans also have different understandings: Nordic minimalist style is the most simple one, the German style keeps the strong industrial traces, while the minimalism of Milan reveal luxury and fashion in simplicity.


Italians not only understand how to live, but also understand the importance of art in life. Milan's minimalism combines art and functionality most closely. Tables, chairs, cabinets, use straight-angle lines as much as possible, discard those extra curved lines, simple shape but  rich in design philosophy without any exaggeration. They will use the simplest lines and the most exquisite materials and techniques to depict the most luxurious life.


The quiet black & white & ash is the absolute protagonist of Milan's minimalism. There is no complicatedness, no distracting thoughts, and no extra fame and fortune within the whole atmosphere. Rocky gray floor, white furniture tone, there is no lack of flexibility in elegance, no lack of nature in the chic, everything is so simple, everything is so deep.



#Wood · Venetian faction


Venice always presents as “Water City”. So maybe you can't understand Venetian's attachment to wood, but in fact, here in Venice, above the water is stone, beneath the water is forest.


Do you know how Venetians build their house? They lay the large wooden piles on the soil under the water as the foundation, pave the wooden board, and then the concrete.

The romantic Venetian loves the sense of historical precipitation and the sense of time, so the wood has become a natural art that they love. Wooden furniture throughout the Veneto region is one of Venice's simple traditional handcrafts.

It must be said that Europeans' requirements for sustainable development and green homes are amazingly unified. Just like our wood parquet with zero formaldehyde, it is the characteristics of Venetian furniture that keeps the natural beauty of wood as much as possible and rejects chemical pollution. And it is also the thing that creates the tone of harmony and rationality of Italian style.


The characteristics of “Water City” require that the home materials are durable and not easily deformed. Therefore, Italian homes use hard wood such as walnut and oak. At this point, PERGO is undoubtedly a perfect match with the Venetian style, in addition to the use of corrosion-resistant timber, also with the StayClean technology, maintaining the beauty and durability. Although we have different cultures, yet the meticulous attitude is so similar.


Pure natural wood & calm design & excellent handcrafted art, reproduce the charm of ancient Italian furniture, elegant and chic.



PERGO Case: the pure encounter with RIMADESIO

Italy Furniture Brand RIMADESIO – Hangzhou Showroom


Formerly known as Rima Vetraria, the Italian luxury furniture brand RIMADESIO began in 1956. For more than 50 years, RIMADESIO has integrated creativity, elegance and chic into architectural design with its endless innovation, and also infinitely improved the functionality of the interior space.


The RIMADESIO showroom in Hangzhou perfectly presents the elegant design of the West. The coordinated use of aluminum and wood is amazing, while the round design is just right to express the incorporation design of Chinese agility and peace.


The walk-in closet combines the functions of daily storage and display, with an oak floor owning a strong sense of wide space. The definition of the cloakroom is infinitely extended in this space. The selection of eco-friendly leather and low-key luxury aluminum extend the aesthetics from every single detail.


The classic wood sliding door compensates for the lack of linework of the 0V laminate floor, enriching the space and surprisingly creating a warm atmosphere. Move the sliding door into the private cloak room, and let the delicate touch of the timber open the beauty of the whole interior space.