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Peaceful bedroom design

If you agree with the concept of "lessis more",

If you daon't respect the gorgeousdecoration,

If simple can make you feel comfortable,

Then you must read the following~

Minimalist bedroom,

Draw a comfortable sleeping space for yourself.

01 March 2021


If you agree with the concept of "less is more",

If you don't respect the gorgeous decoration,

If simple can make you feel comfortable,

Then you must read the following~

Minimalist bedroom,

Draw a comfortable sleeping space for yourself.



Probably there is a misunderstanding of minimalism. The minimalism in the eyes of many people may be like this.



Even be like this.




In fact, the so-called minimalist design does not mean dull black and boring white. Minimalist just takes away the extra decorations and ruined unnecessary things in life.

Follow my pace and let the following designs take you to a real minimalist sleep space.


A low platform bed will be your best choice when setting up a minimalist bedroom. Although it is impossible to compare the decorative design with the beautiful canopy bed and sleigh bed, it is also not suitable for matching gorgeous furniture. However, the simple plain platform bed is covered with solid bedding, which reflects the incomparable complex decoration, peaceful and rigorous.





At the same time, in the simple design of the bedroom, you will rarely find a large and exquisite headboard, and even not embedded in the headboard which has almost no practical functions. In this "less is more" style, you won't see plenty of pillows, cushions or other extra bedding. One or two pillows, one bed, that’s enough.





In the eyes of minimalism, the white walls are completely free of problems, and there is plenty of open space to help keep the bedroom bright and tidy. Don'tlike every wall is bare? A mirror, a hook, and sometimes a simple decoration will add a perfect finishing touch.




Many people think that minimalist decoration is synonymous with black and white gray palette. I admit that these colors are very popular in the minimalist style, but this does not mean that other colors need to be abandoned. The key is to apply different shades and colors reasonably, using a soft mix or a combination of one or two tones. In general, in addition to black and white gray, neutral color and quiet dark color, is the most suitable for minimalist sleep space.




Hotel Dietla-Krakow-Poland



In the minimalist sleep space, clean straight lines are highly regarded. There is no extra decoration, and the straight line of the pen is open, spacious, easy and practical.



Does it feel that the minimalist bedroom is more and more like a blank house?  Hold on. Clean, simple, and practical are of course the primary considerations, but this does not mean that the entire space cannot have any other patterns or decorations. The difficulty of creating a minimalist style is precisely how to balance and control the colors, lines and elements, how to add personality and art into the keynote of function and practicality.




When adding artistic elements, remember not to use large-area patterns or over-exquisite patterns. Secondly, try to control the artistic elements in one of the two areas of the room. As for sculptures or murals, because the minimalist style of the bedroom relies on solid color blocks to get a sense of serenity, it is enough to choose only one large piece you like.


When you are picking these elements, don't forget the philosophy that would be easily overlooked -harmony. The so-called harmony depends to a large extent on the size and tone of the elements in the bedroom. For example, don't put too much furniture in a small room, or conversely, you can't put too fragmented objects in a large space.






Finally, keep the balance of the furniture. Of course, you don't need to arrange the furniture in a highly symmetrical height and neatness like the National Day parade. The overall furniture layout is kept as even as possible, allowing the vision move be smooth in this sleeping space. When the layout of the room is properly balanced, it makes you feel calm, controllable and comfortable, which is the essence of the minimalist sleeping space.