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Beautiful floors and their unique designs

Sometimes it really is the surface that counts. Of course, there are many beautiful floors out there, but as always, Pergo floors go one step further - they not only do they have attractive decorative layers that reflect nature down to the smallest detail, but they also have a variety of surface textures, gloss levels and bevels that add an extra dimension to the floor.

A natural and authentic look

Pergo laminate floors are available in a variety of decors: different types of wood, floor patterns and different types of stone tiles, better known as our new Ebeltoft collection. Different surface textures emphasize the authentic appearance of the floor. A laminate floor with a wood decor layer and a surface texture with realistic cracks and wood grains gives you the feeling of a wood floor with the durability and water resistance of a laminate floor.

With plank sizes, allows you can change the feel of an entire room. The room can appear narrower, wider, longer, darker or lighter depending on whether you choose long planks, smaller planks or tiles. Beveled edges enhance the feeling of having a real wood floor or a real stone tile. You can also choose between different gloss levels, giving you get a stylish laminate floor that is as authentic as it looks.

Unique designs for every occasion

Wood is a material that offers a wide variety of natural looks. Each tree is unique and the knots and grains help define your style and add character to the floor. The texture of our beautiful wood floors showcases the natural grain, and by brushing enhances the authentic look and feel of the wood.

A wood floor becomes more beautiful with time. That's why wood floors are treated with a protective and caring surface treatment. Designs with bevels on the long sides or on all four sides of the plank define each individual plank, and enhance the feeling of authenticity.

Modern & stylish for every room

PVC flooring has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the modern vinyl flooring, which makes this type of flooring stylish and innovative. They require less maintenance than other floor coverings, are water resistant and easy to maintain.

The decorative layers and textures of our stunning vinyl floors are inspired by the natural look and feel of wood, carpet and stone.

Vinyl flooring is available as plank or tile, and the sides can be beveled in a variety of ways for an even more authentic look. A lacquered bevel creates a clean look because of the matching color. While the genuine bevel enhances the natural look because visibility of the color, patterns, and design throughout the bevel.