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Hygge Your Home: Enjoy Cozy Lifestyle

Hygge, one of the core values of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Together with Pergo, enjoy the cozy lifestyle.

14 July 2022

Hygge, a Danish word that can best be described as enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The concept has been embedded in every aspect of Danish life for centuries, and it is one of the core values of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Scandinavians score the highest on the world happiness index. This because they live close to nature, are advocates of slow living, and abide by the way of simplicity and authenticity. As the Swedes say, "Money can be stored, while time cannot. How you spend your time determines the quality of your life."

Books, coffee, blankets, candles, fireplaces, friends and family – these words are front and center in the Hygge lifestyle. It reminds people to stop rushing, focus on their inner peace and discover the beauty of the little moments in life.

Hygge is all about coziness and comfort. When talking about interior design, Hygge can be the basis of creating an interior which helps to relieve stress by making use of minimalistic and rustic elements. Below we list some which can help you create some more Hygge in your home.

Less is More

The main idea of hygge decor is to create a peaceful, serene space that is free of clutter. Mess can cause stress, which is the opposite of the calming and happy way of hygge lifestyle.

Following the principles of minimalistic design, choose neutrals and whites for your wall colors throughout the house to create a sense of space and tranquility. Create some areas where you make use warm neutral colors, and then brighten up the space with plants, pillows and lamps.

Focus on Lighting

Due to the high latitude and lack of light in the Nordic area, the use of natural light has become a key component of Scandinavian design. For example, light-colored flooring can reflect light better and bring a brighter visual effect to the space.

Artificial light sources such as candles, lamps, and fireplaces are also widely used. Lighting creates a warm and cozy visual effect and is a great way to set the mood.

Add Cozy Elements

You can always consider various small items such as fluffy pillows and cashmere blankets that offer a great treat to your sense of touch through their comfortable textures. But also pay attention to maintain consistent coordination with other design elements.

Here, we recommend you Pergo Saltholm range, herringbone pattern is rich in change, bringing a sense of dynamic beauty of the space. It also highlights the texture of wood, which is easy to match with a variety of materials.

Style is about creating a difference and about creating a unique feeling in a space. Interior design is a way to express yourself and explore your connection to a room in your house.

Hygge helps to connect with your room through nature, family, and even yourself, it helps you to slow down, loosen up, and spend time on life itself.

Together with Pergo, you can enjoy the hygge lifestyle.