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Impact Resistant Floors for Your Facility

Combining all top performances in one flooring solution, Pergo vinyl floor is the perfect match to your facility.

6 October 2022

If you have a studio, gym, healthcare or retail stores where your flooring is going to endure extreme amounts of use and abuse, impact resistance is surely a factor you should think about.

Impact resistant flooring is designed to outlast dropped tools, spike heels, heavy and rough rolling equipment, and anything else that would otherwise break, gouge, scratch, and crack a floor. These types of impact will typically indent and gouge a floor or shorten its lifespan.

Pergo vinyl planks and tiles combine all top performances in one flooring solution: natural designs, extreme resistant to scratches, wear and impact. Pergo’s vinyl surface has a multi-layer build-up. In combination with the dense core material it gives the floor a very high impact resistance and a low residual indentation, protecting your floor from potential damage.

Moreover, thanks to the watertight click-system the surface is fully sealed and thus applicable even in wet areas such as e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, retail shops, fitness centers.

Our Pergo commercial vinyl floors are available in two quality levels: Premium (class 32) and Optimum / Pro (class 33). For commercial applications, we recommend our Optimum / Pro quality level, which are especially well suited for professional applications.

At Pergo, we’re committed to reducing our ecological footprint and to helping our customers to reduce theirs. Sustainability is a top priority in each life cycle stage of the Pergo Vinyl floor. From purchasing and production to distribution, during lifetime to end-of-life of the floor, we continue to seek for more (energy) efficient processes and to minimize our impact on the environment.