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Interior Color Schemes: Morandi’s Colors to Your Home

Use the Morandi color system to create your interior style guide and make the space natural, gentle and elegant as a harmonious unity.

18 May 2022

Not bright or flashy, muted, yet sophisticated—this is the most relaxing color system in the world: the Morandi color system.

The Morandi color system originated in the 20th century by a famous Italian painter, George Morandi. His paintings mostly depict simple still-lifes of daily used objects, with colors that appear restrained and soft, forming a comfortable unity.

The Morandi color system has had a profound impact on later generations, and it has manifested itself in various fields such as painting, fashion, handicrafts and furniture design.

The color system makes use of indifferent and alienated tones, such as grey and white colors, making the space downy, natural, gentle and elegant. The aim is to show the beauty of static harmony. Proper grayscale tones down the original flashiness, while low-saturation colors are used to constrain and cancel each other out, thereby achieving perfect visual balance. At the same time, it lessens the impact of color on human emotions and therefore makes people feel peaceful and comfortable.

Color scheme is very important in interior designs. Here are a few tips for you to use the Morandi color system to create your interior style guide:

Determine a primary color, and then select several adjacent colors to be added as secondary choices. Note that to avoid clashing, do not use too many secondary colors in a room. Let the primary color determine the basis of the style, and by the clever use of secondary colors and transitions of shades, you can create a harmony and unity of the overall space.

Using different kinds of furnishing can bring the quality of your space to another level, as well as create a visual focus. When choosing materials, in order to layer the space effectively, contrasting material properties (rigidity and softness) can be used to create a livelier effect in your room. Leather sofas, velvet fabric and metal lamps all can be a good choice.

Flooring is the basis of the overall color scheme. Wood colors are naturally soft and can be perfectly matched with the Morandi color system. Color shades, glossiness, and board size all have an impact on the overall style. Pergo has a rich variety of options employing extraordinary textures and ingenious designs and drawing inspiration from nature to bring you the most comfortable space experience.

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