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Pergo flooring: for the long haul

By continuing to improve our product design and performance we keep a careful eye on sustainability.

30 June 2022

What’s the secret behind our key role in the flooring industry? Our focus on quality and innovation for the future! By continuing to improve our product design and performance we keep a careful eye on sustainability.

Leading the way in circularity


Unilin Group – the company behind Pergo – has always been a driver when it comes to circularity. This began back in 1960, when we first sourced flax straw – a bio-based waste product from the flax industry – and used it to produce particle boards. Ever since, our focus has remained on renewable raw materials: meanwhile ranging from flax straw to recovered wood.


A future-focused approach means avoiding the use of new raw materials as much as possible. Which is why the wooden core of Pergo laminate is made entirely of recovered wood. This wood waste product is collected from sawmills, sustainable forest management processes, roadside maintenance … and would otherwise end up in the incinerator or on the rubbish dump.


Trees play an essential part in protecting the climate and biodiversity, so they must be treated with care. For this reason, slow-growing species, such as oak, are used only in the top layers of our wooden flooring. Wherever possible, for example in the core of our laminate and wood flooring, we use either wood from fast-growing tree species (such as spruce and hevea) or a high-density fibreboard (HDF) made of recovered wood.


Sustainable forest management is about harvesting trees with a focus on protecting our planet and biodiversity, and preventing trees from being cut at a faster rate than they are replaced. In the process of forest management, certain trees, such as small or bent ones, obstruct the development of better trees and are harvested to keep forests healthy. Such wood, known as thinned wood, is perfectly suitable for flooring and we use it as much as possible. By sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests, we can be confident that our activities don't contribute to deforestation.


Pergo naturally complies with all environmental and health legislation and standards. However, we don’t stop there. As a key player in the flooring industry we also take our responsibility and our future seriously. This is the reason why we have also worked even harder to voluntary achieve additional high standards.

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