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Protect against water: add longevity to durability

Pergo truly extend the lifespan of the flooring and make your life much easier.

12 August 2022

In making our floors, we always look for the everyday challenge. That’s why we recognize the need for all our floors to resist water, regardless of design or material.

Laminate flooring solution

Laminate flooring offers unsurpassed durability and resistance to wear – but the ability to resist water has traditionally been a soft spot for laminate floors.

With the introduction of AquaSafe technology, Pergo sets a new standard for water resistance in laminate flooring. AquaSafe creates a sealed surface – all the way down into the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor. It also makes floors hygienic and easy to maintain.

Wood flooring solution

Untreated wooden floors can be penetrated by dirt and water, causing permanent discoloring.

Pergo one-strip lacquered wood floors, however, have StayClean protection that covers the entire facing and bevels of each plank with a water repellent coating. This makes our lacquered wood floors extra resistant to liquids and spills and prevents dirt from getting into the joints and wood texture.

Vinyl flooring solution

Vinyl being waterproof is the ideal choice for wet areas: kitchens, fitness rooms, bathrooms and can even being glued on walls. A perfect solution for shower walls: easy to install as for renovation projects there is no need to remove tiles. Simply cover the tiles with water resistant glue and install the vinyl tiles.

Whether it’s a little spill or an unexpected dirt, with these technologies, Pergo truly extend the lifespan of the flooring and make your life much easier. That’s the reason why Pergo are widely used in both retail and commercial projects.

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