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Commercial vinyl flooring installation

The PerfectFold™ V click system features vertical as well as horizontal locking. The double locking gives the Pergo floor unique stability, and thanks to the new click system, installation is both fast and easy – faster than any vinyl floor on the market. Simply choose one of the three installation methods, and click the floor into place!

Download Floating instructions Download Glue down instructions Download Rigid vinyl instructions

Pergo PerfectFold V Drop down

Drop down

The ideal method for quickly installing a large area. Click the plank at the long side joint, slide it until it meets the end of the previously installed plank, and press down.

Pergo PerfectFold V Horizontal

Insert horizontally

Unlike many other brands, Pergo vinyl floors can also be inserted horizontally using our installation tool (don’t use a hammer, it may damage the click joint). This is a handy option for places where it is difficult or impossible to tilt the planks (when installing the last row of planks, or under door frames and radiators).

Pergo PerfectFold V Angle


If you prefer, Pergo offers a third option for installing your new vinyl floor. Simply angle, and click the planks together at the short end.

Installation accessories

PGKITTRANSP Laminate Accessories Aqua Sealant PGKITTRANSP
Aqua Sealant
High-quality, transparent and elastic one-component silicone that creates an invisible and waterproof finishing around wallbases, mouldings, transitions, door frames, etc.
#TechnicalInfo#: 310 ml
PGVGLUE6 Vinyl Accessories Glue PGVGLUE6
Professional glue, specially developed for Pergo Vinyl floors. Spreads easily, guarantees fast adhesion and offers the highest strength.
#TechnicalInfo#: 6 kg for 20-24 m²
PGVKNIFEB Vinyl Accessories Vinyl Cutter Knife PGVKNIFEB
Vinyl Cutter Knife
Professional knife, perfect for precised and stable cutting. Ideal for cutting curves and shapes. 10 blades are included.
#TechnicalInfo#: 275 x 113 x 50 mm
PGVGLUE15 Vinyl Accessories Glue PGVGLUE15
Professional glue, specially developed for Pergo Vinyl floors. Spreads easily, guarantees fast adhesion and offers the highest strength.
#TechnicalInfo#: 15 kg for 50-60 m²
PGVTOOL Vinyl Accessories Vinyl Installation Tool PGVTOOL
Vinyl Installation Tool
Excellent tool for precise cutting: straight and 90°. Hand protection with pullbar and lever function. Suited for both left and right handed.
#TechnicalInfo#: 410 x 190 x 16 mm
PGGLUE290 Laminate Accessories Multiglue PGGLUE290
This multifunctional glue is specifically developed for all applications with the Pergo solutions. Ideal for installing wallbases and mouldings. Suitable for all materials and substrates. Hybrid polymer, cures quickly with very high final strength.
#TechnicalInfo#: 290 ml
PGVA2 Vinyl Accessories Vinyl Glue Trowel PGVA2
Vinyl Glue Trowel
Ensures perfect glue consumption per m².
#TechnicalInfo#: 180 x 155 x 15 mm
PGRCINOX15 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm) PGRCINOX15
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm)
This stainless steel cover will elegantly finish off the joints around heating elements and pipes.
#TechnicalInfo#: diameter 15 mm