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How to finish laminate flooring?

Once you installed your laminate floor, it is time to finish the job with the right accessories. At Pergo, you’ll find skirtings and profiles to match every design in the laminate assortment.

Install your skirtings

Pergo has a wide range of skirtings for finishing the necessary expansion joint around your floor. You can choose for a perfect colour-match or opt for a white or paintable skirting to match your walls.

  1. Start by measuring the walls of your room from corner to corner.
  2. Use a circular saw to cut the skirtings to the right angle.
  3. Pergo skirtings can be attached in various ways.
    • Glue: apply a layer of glue evenly to each skirting and then press it firmly in place.
    • Plugs: use plugs to connect skirtings, even in corners, so they align perfectly.
    • Clips: For PGSK skirtings only. An easy-to-use snap-in system that needs no nails or screws. The clips are used on the floor and make the joint between the Pergo floor and the skirting, so that the skirting is not attached to the wall.

For a totally watertight finish, fill the expansion gaps between the wall and floor with the Foamstrip and apply Pergo Aqua Sealant, which is a transparent silicone. Smooth it out evenly. Seal the joint between your laminate floor and skirtings with Aqua Sealant or use the Hydrostrip for a watertight finish.

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Install profiles for a seamless transition

The versatile Incizo® profile gives your floor that perfect finish and offers multiple profile solutions.

  1. Expansion profile: guarantee a seamless transition between two laminate floors of the same height.
  2. Adapter profile: eliminate height differences between different floor levels.
  3. End profile: create a transition to a window or sliding door.
  4. Transition profile: guarantee a seamless transition to other floor types (f.e. carpet or ceramic).
  5. Stair nose: finish off a staircase.

A profile is needed in every doorway when installing a floating floor. We also recommend using a profile when installing your laminate floor in really large areas.

Instructions Incizo®

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Finishing touch to your laminate floor

It’s the little details that make the difference. Why not add an extra finishing touch to your room?

  • Elegantly finish off joints around heating elements and pipes with Pergo’s Pipe covers.
  • Use the Pergo Coloured Sealant to add a finishing touch to those places where you aren’t able to install skirtings, but be sure to avoid filling necessary dilatation gaps.

Perfect finish for your stairs

Why not cover your stairs with our Pergo Stair Covers or Incizo® profiles. Both offer a perfect colourmatch for a 100% seamless fit with your floor.

  1. Our bullnose Stair Covers are not only simple to install but also maintain their appearance for years. You can install them in two ways:
    • For a colour-matched look: finish the riser with an additional cut-to-size floor panel for a full colour-matched staircase.
    • Painted risers in a contrasting shade to highlight your staircase.
    • Currently available in 4 colours of our Trondheim range.
  2. Our Incizo® stair finishing is available for all our laminate floors. For its installation you need glue, a measuring tape, and a circular saw, along with the essential aluminium subprofile.

Instructions Incizo®

Instructions Incizo®

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beige laminate stair covers from pergo