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How to finish vinyl flooring?

Finish your project in style! After installing your vinyl floor, there is a wide range of matching skirtings and profiles available to choose from. Here’s everything you need to know to get all the details right.

How to install vinyl skirtings

For every Pergo vinyl floor there is a perfectly matching skirting. Choose a white or paintable skirting if you prefer to match your walls. Installation is very easy, just follow the below steps and you’ll be done in no time:

  1. Measure the walls of your room, corner to corner. 
  2. Cut the skirtings to the right angle using a circular saw. 
  3. Pergo vinyl skirtings can be attached in various ways.
    • Glue: apply a layer of Pergo Multiglue evenly to each skirting and then press it firmly in place.
    • Plugs: use plugs to connect skirtings, even in corners, so they align perfectly. Apply a layer of glue evenly to each skirting and then press it firmly in place.

Get a totally watertight finish in only 2 steps! Fill the expansion gaps between the wall and floor with the Foamstrip and apply Pergo Aqua Sealant, which is a transparent silicone. Smooth it out evenly. Then attach the skirtings.

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Install vinyl profiles

The versatile Incizo® profile offers your vinyl floor multiple profile solutions for the perfect finish.

  1. Expansion profile: creates a seamless transition between two vinyl floors of the same height.
  2. Adapter profile: helps levelling height differences between different floor levels .
  3. End profile: guarantees a smooth transition to a window or sliding door.
  4. Transition profile: makes it possible to combine other floor types (f.e. vinyl and carpet).
  5. Stair nose: finish off a staircase.

In most cases you don’t need an expansion profile between different rooms. However, for rooms with much variating temperatures please consult the installation instructions.

Depending on your taste, go for our perfectly colour-matched Incizo® profiles, or pick one of our trendy metal profiles in 4 different colours.

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Instructions incizo®

Add the finishing touch to your vinyl floor

After installing skirtings and profiles, it’s time to give your room the extra finishing touch it deserves:

  • Elegantly finish off joints around heating elements and pipes with Pergo’s Pipe covers.
  • If joints can’t be finished with skirtings, profiles or pipe covers, you can simply use our Pergo Coloured Sealant which is available in multiple colours to match your floor. Be careful to not fill any necessary dilatation gaps by mistake.
pipe covers from pergo on a beige vinyl floor

Finish your stairs with vinyl stair covers

Give your staircase a fresh look with easy-to-install stair covers. These durable yet elegant stair covers are made from floor planks, which guarantees a 100% seamless matching fit with your floor.

  1. Our bullnose staircovers are really easy to install and will keep its good look for years to come. You can even install them in the style you prefer:
    • Colour-matched staircase: Finish the riser with an additional cut-to-size floor panel for a full colour-matched staircase.
    • Staircase with painted risers: Paint the risers with a contrasting colour to accentuate your staircase.
    • Currently only available for Namsen, Glomma and Vorma floors.
  2. Our Incizo® profile stair finishing is available for all vinyl floors with the exception of 4mm floors. All you need is some glue, measuring tape, a circular saw and some basic DIY skills. Don’t forget to buy the subprofile!

Instructions bullnose

Instructions incizo®

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beige vinyl stair covers