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kids room with toys laying on a beige vinyl floor

Choose the right floor for the children's rooms

Getting their very own bedroom for the first time is a major event for many children. Now, it's time to sleep in their own bed and to get a private retreat where neither parents nor siblings disturb them. It is simply the only place the child can be completely on his or he own for a while.

Cot on a beige vinyl floor

Sleep comes first and foremost

A child who doesn't sleep well is most often not a happy child. By creating a quiet, harmonious sleeping atmosphere, you increase the chances of nice, long nights. Calm colours and preferably soft flooring make the bedroom cosy for both rest and play. Feel free to choose between a laminate floor or vinyl floor – they are both resistant to spills and scratches. These floors are easy to keep clean, withstand impacts, work excellently with floor heating and are available in many attractive décors. The vinyl floor is also soft and pleasant, which is an advantage if your child were to fall out of bed.

Both the laminate floor and vinyl floor withstand small accidents from children who are potty training, or playing with paint or mum's lipstick. The floors stay attractive and fresh throughout a childhood with all of the messes that can arise.

Nursery with toys on the laminate floor

With room for the future

For the children's rooms, it may be enticing to choose a floor in exciting colours and paint the walls in strong hues. We nonetheless recommend that you think ahead. Paint the walls a neutral colour instead and hang up enjoyable paintings. Buy a creative rug and place it on an attractive laminate or vinyl floor with a wood décor. Then, you will get a room that works throughout the defiant teenage years as well. The room will also make a perfect future guest bedroom when your grown children come to visit – without you having to replace the floor or repaint the walls.

Find your favourite children's room floor