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bedroom with orange sofa and a grey vinyl floor

Choose the right floor for your bedroom

Regardless of whether you are a late sleeper or not, it's always nice to put your feet down on a nice floor. Basically, you can choose any floor you want for your bedroom, but there are many good reasons why parquet- and laminate floors are so popular.

It may be tempting to lay a rustic solid wood floor in the bedroom. But it's not as fun when you get your first splinter in your foot, when the cold winter makes the floor cold or when you suddenly spill something.

Bedchamber with a light parquet floor

Easy-care flooring provides even cosier bedrooms

Parquet and wooden flooring are basically the same thing. The difference between a parquet floor and a solid wood floor is that the parquet does not consist of one piece of wood. Instead, the parquet is made of three layers of wood that make it stronger and more durable. Since the parquet floor is thinner than a solid wood floor, it works excellently together with floor heating. By being surface treated with seven layer UV-hardened water-based varnish or high-quality oil, the parquet has a good protection that makes cleaning easier. If you want to have a warm and cosy bedroom, there is nothing that beats the unique characteristics of a wood floor – almost.

Although laminate floors are not real wood floors, they can actually measure up to wood floors today. Laminate flooring is even more durable than a parquet floor. It consists of different layers that all contribute to the floor being both scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant. Today's laminate floor not only looks like a wood floor with its authentic décor, but also has surfaces, textures and bevelling that give a natural feel. Perfect for those who want a wood floor, but with the advantages of laminate.

Pillows on a gray laminate floor

There is much more than only wooden floors

For many years now, a more industrial feel has been modern – raw concrete has found its way into our daily lives. Even into the bedroom. But you don't have to live in an abandoned factory to experience the feel of concrete. A significantly simpler alternative is to lay a laminate floor that looks like concrete – you then get the tough look, but still have a pleasant floor to walk on. And of course, you can lay floor heating beneath.

With Pergo's unique surface layer treatments, you can be certain that you not only get an attractive floor, but also a floor that can withstand all of the challenges of the bedroom.

Find your favourite bedroom floor