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home office with desk on a beige vinyl floor

Choose the right floor for your office

The fact that an attractive, fresh office means a lot for your motivation and job satisfaction is nothing new. A proper home office is a place where you spend most of your waking hours and it increases both motivation and efficiency if you don't have to feel like you are working from your bedroom. The principle for furnishing the office is the same regardless of whether you are decorating an office for several people or just for yourself – your workplace should be practical, inviting and creative.

home office with light grey laminate floor and a big window

The way to the head is through the body

Today, standing tables are very popular. You spare your body through a varied working position and do not get stuck sitting down with a bird neck hour after hour. But regardless of how good the table is, the floor is just as important. For instance, have you tried to stand for a half an hour on a hard concrete floor? It can ruin just about anyone's healthy, young knees, hips and back. If you plan on getting a standing table to spare your body, you should match it with a forgiving floor.

Vinyl, laminate and wood floors give you that very pleasant support you need. It's soft, which means that you can stand up longer without getting as tired physically. All flooring from Pergo has durable surfaces that are easy to clean, which is very practical as you don't have to spend precious working hours cleaning. You simply wipe up spilled coffee without risk of stains.

The soft support also dampens tiring noise that takes our concentration off of the work at hand. In your home environment, you will also be forced to work from home despite family members who are sick at home and when a quiet environment means everything. The noise dampening effect can also help when you are alone to avoid that empty room noise that can easily arise when talking on the phone. For a messy office environment, we recommend vinyl flooring that is extra noise dampening.

close up of a desk with chair and a grey vinyl tile floor

The vinyl floor has made a "revinylution"

With the vinyl floor's new surface, vinyl has made a comeback with a natural impression in both look and feel. Today, you can get away with the illusion of a real wood floor, concrete floor or slate – but without compromising on comfort.

The attractive and natural décors mean that the vinyl floor suits just as well in a public environment as in your home. For example, decorate a cool urban photography studio with a warm grey concrete floor of vinyl – that you can work on hour after hour without getting tired feet.

Or invite the customer to your home office with fresh natural coloured oak laminate or parquet for that extra luxurious wood floor feeling – without having to worry about dirty shoe soles that spread the dirt.

Find your favourite home office floor