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summer house with grey laminate flooring and big windows

Choose the right floor for your summer house

Summer – that wonderful time of the year when it's gotten warm and you can take a few well-earned weeks off. One's schedule should preferably be empty except for pleasant dinners, and all "have tos" are set aside. You fill the car with swimsuits and paperback books and head to "the country".

close up of white kitchen counter and a brown laminate floor

Escape to the summer dream

Of course, you can't escape from chores even if you've made it to your summer house. The dust rag comes out and the old windows have to be painted, the grass cut and the bushes trimmed. But for many, these practical chores are still a wonderful retreat compared with the struggles of the regular day-to-day.

Beautiful and sustainable interior décor

Think about the floors that are subjected to bare feet that have both been swimming and running in the garden. You can avoid problems with moisture damage and stains that don't go away by choosing a floor that can handle an action-packed summer. If it's just you and your family who are using the house, we recommend a beautiful and cosy parquet floor. Pergo's parquet flooring is durable, impact-resistant and surface treated to handle real family life.

living room with grey vinyl floor and a fireplace

Install a practical laminate floor or a vinyl floor

If you usually rent out your summer place, it is smart to install a laminate floor or vinyl floor that is practical and easy to clean and extra wear resistant. The floor lasts a long time and the cabin is just as fresh for the next tenant.

A bright and lovely cottage with beautiful light floors can make just about anyone brighten up. Do you have the courage to make a stake on a light floor? Of course. When the floor has a protective surface treatment and is easy to clean, even a light floor will last a lifetime. Combine the floor with whitewashed walls and wonderfully aged furniture from years past, beautiful throw rugs and nice pillows for calm moments. Then you get a really nice bit of light therapy.

Find your favourite summerhouse floor