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cellar with coat rack and a beige vinyl floor

Choose the right floor for your cellar

Is it finally time to take care of that cellar and convert it into a place you actually want to be? Do you no longer want your cellar to be a castle for spiders? Then it's time to take control over lower storeys and create an environment for people to thrive in.

Bike next to a stair on a brown cellar floor

The cellar's many areas of use

Many of us remember our teenage room in the cellar. It was there that you could play your music and hang out with your friends without disturbing everyone else too much. For others, it was the perfect TV room where the sun never reflected in the screen. But for many, it's been one big storage area – possibly outfitted with a washing machine and the old boiler.

Transform with basic means

By just freshening up the walls with new paint and laying a floor, you get an entirely new environment. If the room doesn't have too many angles and nooks, you can easily lay the floor in a day. Parquet flooringlaminate or vinyl can be installed with Pergo's handy click function. You don't have to worry about nails, screws and glue and don't need any advanced tools.

The subfloor is often made of concrete. If so, remember to lay a moisture barrier before you lay the flooring. If the subfloor has small unevennesses here and there, a liner is enough to even them out. Regardless of whether you choose parquet, laminate or vinyl, you can readily combine it with floor heating.

Storage cupboard on a light basement vinyl floor

Attractive and practical

You might want to keep the laundry room in the cellar and then, it's important to have flooring that withstands spills. Lay a vinyl floor that both withstands moisture and is durable – and you also get a soft base to walk on. Moreover, vinyl flooring is excellent for a noise dampening effect – something that is good both considering the cellar's hard stone walls and the noise from the washing machine. Vinyl flooring is available in various décors that are guaranteed to make your visit to the laundry room significantly nicer than before.

Find your favourite cellar floor