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How to finish wood flooring?

Finished the installation of your wooden floor? Why not add that extra little luxury to the room? Pergo has a wide range of high-quality skirtings and finishing profiles to match our beautiful designs.

How to install skirtings for wooden floors?

Give your interior that stylish impression with skirtings that have the same look as the floor. Want to match the colour of the wall? Then choose our white and paintable skirtings.

  1. Measure the lengths of your walls from corner to corner.
  2. Use a circular saw to cut the skirting to the right angle.
  3. Apply a layer of Pergo Multiglue evenly to each skirting and then press it firmly in place.

It only requires two steps to give your wooden floor a watertight finish. First, fill the expansion gaps between the wall and floor with the Foamstrip. Then apply Pergo Aqua Sealant, which is a transparent silicone. Smooth it out evenly. Attach the skirtings and your wooden floor is good to go! Only Suitable for Lofoten, Svalbard and Falster.

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close up of grey wood skirting with watertight finish

Finishing profiles for wooden floors

Finishing profiles are extremely useful and serve multiple purposes:

  1. Expansion profile: guarantee a seamless transition between two parquet floors of the same height.
  2. Adapter profile: eliminate height differences between different floor levels.
  3. End profile: create a transition to a window or sliding door.
  4. Transition profile: guarantee a seamless transition to other floor types (f.e. carpet or ceramic).
  5. Stair nose: finish off a staircase.

A profile is needed in every doorway when installing a floating floor. We also recommend using a profile when installing your wooden floor in really large areas.

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Finishing touch to your wooden floor

After installing skirtings and profiles, it could be that your room needs that extra finishing touch.

  • Elegantly finish off joints around heating elements and pipes with Pergo’s Pipe covers.
  • What if joints can’t be finished with skirtings, profiles or pipe covers? Then simply use our Pergo Coloured Sealant which is available in multiple colours to match your floor. Be careful to not fill any necessary dilatation gaps by mistake.
close up of radiator pipes from Pergo on a wooden floor

The perfect wooden finish for your stairs

Extend your luxurious new wooden floor to your stairs, and spruce up your staircase with our matching Incizo® profiles for stair application. All you need is some glue, measuring tape, a circular saw and some basic DIY skills.

  1. Remove the old floor covering completely so that your stairs are clean and level.
  2. Measure the first stair, and then use a circular saw to cut your plank to the dimensions of its vertical side (the riser). Glue the plank in place.
  3. Glue the Incizo® aluminium subprofile on the top edge of the stair and screw firmly into place.
  4. Saw your planks to size so that they cover each step and then glue them down horizontally (the tread). They should always fit snugly against the vertical side.
  5. Cut the Incizo® profile in the right shape, add glue and click into the aluminium subprofile.

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