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hallway with a brown laminate floor and a coat rack

Choose the right floor for your hall

Today, there are fantastically durable vinyl and laminate floors with attractive designs, with different levels of gloss and surface textures. Many of them are deceptively similar to both wood and slate. You can also choose between several bevels, planks and plates. So although the hall is undeniably one of the rooms that gathers the most dirt, sand and water, you can create a warm and cosy environment that endures all everyday adventures.

hallway with pink walls and a beige laminate floor

Laminate and vinyl – sustainable and attractive flooring for the hall

It is important that the hall has a good floor that is durable and easy to clean. But that doesn't mean that you have to comprise on appearance. Both vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are available with many attractive décors to choose from.

Today's modern vinyl and laminate floors are largely inspired by the natural feel of wood, slate and concrete – in terms of choice of colour, design and gloss. To create a warm and welcoming hall, you can choose oak planks. If you want a clear contrast from connecting rooms with wood floors, you can choose plates of black slate or create an industrial feel with a raw concrete floor. Whatever decor you choose is up to you, but with laminate and vinyl, you can feel safe that you have made a sustainable choice.

kid and dog entering hallway with muddy shoes and paws

Choose laminate flooring for strength and area 

The vinyl is 100% watertight and is therefore a perfect alternative for those with a hall that quickly fills with wet boots, baby carriages and umbrellas. Pergo's vinyl flooring has the new superior protective top layer that protects more effectively than ever against stains and scratches. It is a perfect floor for areas that have to handle a little more. Thanks to the surface layer, the dirt cannot penetrate down into the floor, which means that most stains can easily be removed with a moist rag. Perfect for muddy dog paws, for instance.

Pergo's laminate flooring, which is the market's most durable, has been surface treated with TitanX™ and can withstand accidents from both pets and children. It is not as moisture-resistant as vinyl flooring. However, laminate flooring withstands moisture significantly better than wood flooring – at the same time that the laminate floors can provide the same feel to the room as a wood floor.

Regardless of whether you choose vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, both alternatives work excellently with floor heating, which further strengthens the feeling of a welcoming home.

Discover your favourite hallway floor