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Maintenance instructions for commercial vinyl flooring

Pergo commercial vinyl floors and skirting boards are very easy to clean thanks to their sealed, hygienic surface layer. They are completely waterproof so you can clean them with a wet cloth. Pergo Vinyl Clean for Pergo is specifically developed for Pergo floors. One single cleaning product takes care of the daily maintenance of your vinyl floor. It protects the Pergo scratch resistant coating and helps to preserve the original matt look of your floor.


  1. Clean the floor on a regular basis with cleaner diluted in water. Measurement: 2 capfuls of cleaner (use the cap of the bottle) of cleaning product in a bucketful of water. Wipe the floor with a slightly damp, non-fluffy cloth or mop which has been dipped in the cleaning product.
  2. ALWAYS wipe off with a dry cloth until no moisture is visible on the floor.
  3. TIP: regularly rinse and wring out.

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Maintenance accessories for Pergo vinyl flooring

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